• What Style Of Tub Is Best For You?

    You have been thinking of upgrading your bathtub and you've been thinking a Whirlpool would be a great model to buy. The issue you have is this: what style of tub do you want? Do you want a round tub? An oblong design? Perhaps a modern square or rectangular tub? What about features, such as jets or steps to get inside the tub? With so many options available to you, you want to get a tub that will meet your needs best.
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  • Did You Try and Fail to Control Weeds Last Season? 3 Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

    You've always loved the look of a lush, weed-free lawn, and you do your best to stay on top of nuisance plants before they have a chance to thrive. While many do-it-yourself methods are effective for dealing with the occasional errant weed, it is also possible that your current strategy did more harm than good. This season, you can use this guide to avoid making the problem worse and discover solutions that work for keeping weeds away for good.
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  • How To Clean And Maintain Backyard Swim Spas

    If you'd like to transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat, consider installing a swim spa. Larger than a hot tub but smaller than a traditional swimming pool, swim spas combine the best of both options. They're ideal for when you want a swimming pool and a hot tub, but only have the outdoor space for one or the other.  Wider and longer than classic hot tubs, swim spas will allow you to comfortably swim laps, combining fun with fitness.
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