Are Granite Countertops Worth The Investment?

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Granite countertops are investments in your home. They greatly affect the look and feel of kitchens and bathrooms, adding little touches of luxury to the rooms. However, if the countertops are not properly installed, they can be damaged or destroyed, costing you money and valuable time during your home build, renovation, or makeover project. For this reason, it is almost always worth the investment to have professional granite countertop services handle the installation of your granite countertops. There are just a few reasons to consider professional installation services for your project.

Professional Granite Countertop Services Understand Granite and Countertops

These professionals have knowledge of the materials they're working with and how they intend to use the materials. This means they understand what kind of support is needed for heavy granite countertops and can spare you from the expense of needing to replace your countertops all too soon because you didn't have the right support in appropriate places to sustain your beautiful granite countertops over time.  

They also understand how to install granite in a way that showcases its beauty while minimizing seams, pattern differences, and other elements that might become distractions for homeowners, though most people may never notice.

Professional Granite Countertop Services Help Preserve Your Investment

When working with true professionals in the industry to handle the installation, you're passing the liability, should something catastrophic occur during installation, on to the service provider. That means if your countertop is dropped and cracks down the middle while they were lifting it one to your counters, it is their responsibility to replace it.

For homeowners who have never lifted heavy granite countertops, this is a huge benefit to consider, one that brings incredible peace of mind along with it. This is also why it's always important to work with bonded and insured professionals when conducting home improvements, home building projects, or major renovations.

Granite Countertop Services – Beyond Installations

Ultimately, you must remember that professional granite countertop services handle far more than mere installations. If you have granite countertops that are beginning to lose their shine and appeal due to water stains, chemical stains, or even heat-related stains, professional services can often help you restore the beauty without the expense of replacing your granite countertops.

Granite countertops can greatly enhance the beauty of your kitchen or bathrooms but only when properly installed and maintained. Working with granite countertop services and professionals can go a long way toward ensuring that your countertops are beautifully installed and help you keep up with routine countertop maintenance.