Pros And Cons Of Adding Storage To The Back Of Your Closet Door

Posted on: 10 December 2019

It's always ideal to think about adding new storage solutions to your closet as you work to make this space better organized. If your ability to add new shelving units or other structures is minimal, you might think about what you can do with the back of the closet door. Many stores that sell organization products sell storage racks that hang on the back of doors. They're easy to install, and may be an asset in this application. Here are some pros and cons of adding storage to the back of your closet door.

Pro: Easy To Reach

When some people want to create more storage space inside of their closet, they think about adding shelves that are close to the ceiling — often, because this is the only available space. The challenge of this idea is that it can be difficult to reach whatever you place on these shelves. A big perk of storage space added to the back of the closet door is that it's easy to reach. You'll have no trouble accessing whatever you store in this area.

Con: Blocks The Mirror

While you might have one or more mirrors in the bedroom adjacent to the closet, people often hang a mirror on the rear of the closet door. This location makes sense if you get dressed in the closet, as you'll have a place to check your appearance before you leave. Unfortunately, a storage solution mounted to the back of the door will prevent you from hanging a mirror in this location — or, if you already have a mirror, the storage will block you from seeing it.

Pro: Good For Daily-Use Items

Often, there are products that you use daily, so it makes sense to store them in a convenient location in your closet. You can definitely use your storage solution mounted to the back of the door for these items. For example, you might hang your belt and a couple of ties in this location so that you can grab them easily. Or, you might hang a scarf or a couple of necklaces in this easy-to-retrieve location.

Con: Potential For Noise

Some door storage units are better made than others. If you buy an inexpensive one, it might move when you open and close the door. This can mean that the storage unit bangs on the door whenever you use it, which can be a nuisance — especially if your significant other is sleeping nearby when you're going in and out of the closet. Look for a unit that has rubber sections that provide a cushion between the metal unit and the door.

For more information about walk-in closet organization, contact a closet designer in your area.