4 Types Of Vacuums For Your Daycare

Posted on: 4 September 2019

In a daycare, children spend a lot of time on the floor, playing. Even in preschool classrooms, children gather on the floor for carpet time, sit on the floor when playing with certain toys, and set up their mats on the floor. Keeping the floor clean in a daycare center is really important and this can be done with a variety of vacuums.

Handheld Duster

A handheld duster is a vacuum that you literally hold in your hand. These types of vacuums are designed to be charged up, and when you need them, you take them off the port and use them to clean up messes. They are great for cleaning up the little messes that happen throughout the day in a classroom without having to run a big vacuum and its cord through a class of active children. Handheld dusters are also not that loud, so you can quickly clean up those spilled cheerios before they are crunched into the ground by eager little feet.

Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum has a slender frame and is situated more like an upright vacuum cleaner. With a canister vacuum, the wand for cleaning is attached to the canister, with a cord attached to the canister to allow you the space you need to clean up.

One of the biggest benefits of a canister vacuum is that they are generally clear, so you can see when the canister is getting filled up. You don't have to guess when the bag is full and then empty the vacuum. Second, when the vacuum does get filled up, you can empty the canister right into the trashcan and put it back on the vacuum and continue vacuuming. You don't have to keep a supply of vacuum bags around your daycare and train everyone on how to properly install the vacuum bags You just have to ask people to empty the canister when it gets full, which is generally straight forward and easy to understand.

Upright Vacuum

An upright vacuum is a little different than a canister vacuum. An upright vacuum has a larger and wider body, and the vacuuming apparatus is attached to the bottom of the body of the vacuum cleaner. With an upright vacuum, you will have to change out the vacuum bag on a regular basis. The advantage of an upright vacuum is that most people are familiar with how to use it, and they are sturdy and long-lasting.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

When you need to do some real cleaning, you need a wet-dry vacuum. This type of vacuum is made to clean up stuff, such as nails and screws. Although you may not have nails and screws around your child care center, you may have lots of dirt and debris to clean up. This type of vacuum can also be used to clean up water messes, such as an overflowing sink. Wet/dry vacuums are large and bulky and may not be the best for everyday use at a daycare center, but it could be nice to have one on hand to clean up when the sink runs over, or the sand table gets knocked over.

When it comes to the right vacuum for your childcare center, you may need to have more than one vacuum. A handheld duster is great for the little messes that pop up during the day when the children are present. At the end of the day, an upright or canister vacuum can give your floors the deep cleaning they need. Having a wet/dry vacuum on site can be useful as well, as you can use it for a wide variety of cleaning jobs, and you can use it to give your floors a real deep cleaning.