Why Granite Is Never Boring: A Closer Look At Countertops

Posted on: 29 April 2019

When you hear "granite countertops," do you picture the drab, the gray or the black, or the relatively uninteresting stone slabs of headstones in a graveyard? That is how a lot of people visualize this type of material when it comes to countertops. However, these images in your head are just images. You need a reawakening to what granite really looks like when it is used as a countertop material. It is never boring nor disconcerting! The following reasons will show you exactly why you should consider granite countertops.

Granite Actually Comes in a Lot of Colors

Nobody says you have to choose gray or black for your countertops. In fact, gray and black only look good in certain kitchens and bathrooms anyway. Choosing a different color of granite is easy, too. Granite has a lot more color choices than people expect, including various shades of red, brown, white, and yellow. If that is not enough for you, consider that granite often carries in it crystal structures that when smoothed over create unique, sparkly patterns in the material that becomes your countertops. 

Mineral and Crystal Veins Make Granite Interesting

If you were to pick up a granite rock off the ground outside, yes, it is not typically a very interesting rock. However, larger chunks of granite often contain mineral and crystal veins in them that give the granite a lot of texture and create patterns that make the granite slabs one of a kind. No two granite slabs cut to make countertops are ever exactly alike, and no countertop factory anywhere can reproduce these naturally occurring effects. 

Buffed and Polished to a High Shine

You could choose a rough finish on granite that gives it a flat matte look, but once you see what buffing and polishing do to this material, you may be quite surprised. The effect is one that can inspire awe because the highly polished and buffed granite is very shiny and quite elegant. It looks like it came straight out of a five-star resort hotel in an upscale part of a major European city. Imagine putting that in your bathroom or kitchen! It would be a remodel you could be proud to show off. 

See Your Granite Countertop Dealer for Samples

If you want to see for yourself how granite really looks, find a countertop dealer that can provide you with samples. Some of these samples you can take home and lay on top of the countertops you currently have to see if you like a sample. Then you can decide for yourself what you want to purchase.