Did You Try and Fail to Control Weeds Last Season? 3 Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: 6 March 2019

You've always loved the look of a lush, weed-free lawn, and you do your best to stay on top of nuisance plants before they have a chance to thrive. While many do-it-yourself methods are effective for dealing with the occasional errant weed, it is also possible that your current strategy did more harm than good. This season, you can use this guide to avoid making the problem worse and discover solutions that work for keeping weeds away for good.

Leaving the Roots Behind

Hand pulling is a common method that people use to eliminate weeds, and it works well in places where you only have one or two. However, you must be careful to pull up the entire plant. Weeds often have long tap roots. If you leave them behind, then they continue to grow. Always use a spade to dig deep enough that you are certain that you got the whole weed. Keep in mind that even a few weeds can continue to spread. Since hand pulling weeds is time consuming, arranging for professional weed control services helps you to avoid frustration and get rid of weeds deep below the surface of the soil.

Spreading the Seeds

When many weeds pop up at once, it is also tempting to mow over them. Turning weeds into mulch does instantly transform your lawn, but it could lead to some nasty surprises once the plants have time to grow. When you mow over weeds, you break them up and cause the seeds to spread. You can also spread weed seeds just from walking across the grass as you mow. To stop this from happening, make sure that weeds are controlled early in the season before you need to mow regularly.

Using the Wrong Weed Killer

Weed control is also a fine art that requires you to know exactly when to apply specific types of formulas. For instance, pre-emergent weed killers must be applied before the weeds start to grow because they prevent seed germination. Post-emergent formulas work after you can see the weeds come through the soil. There are also special types of weed killers that are designed to preserve desirable plants. When in doubt, consult with a weed control company that knows which formulas to use and when to apply them so that you don't waste time using the wrong ones.

If one thing is for certain, it is that weeds will always pop up here and there. This season, start early and make sure that the strategies that you choose are effective so that you can enjoy the look of your weed-free yard.