What To Do When Your Awning Doesn'T Open And Close Properly

Posted on: 11 December 2018

Awnings are a great way to expand your outdoor living space comfortably, but there may come a time in which your awning doesn't open when you want it to. Here, you'll find the two most common problems that prevent the awning from operating and tips for getting things working again.

Motor Failure

If you have a powered awning that opens and closes with an electric motor, the motor may have failed. Why would the motor fail to work? There are three things to try before calling for help, including:

Blown Fuse/ Tripped Breaker – The first thing to check is the breaker panel to see if the breaker has been tripped. Turn the breaker to the awning off and then back on. Go to the awning and test it. If not, get an electrical tester to test the outlet where the awning is plugged in for power. If the outlet isn't getting any power, you'll need to call for electrical repair.

Electric Sensor Failure – Some awnings are equipped with small electric sensors which detect changing weather conditions and close the awning if the wind picks up or it begins to rain heavily. Over the years, this sensor can fail and prevent the awning from opening or closing. This sensor is only replaceable through the manufacturer, so you'll need an awning professional to assist you with the repair.

Poorly Made Motor – Unfortunately, not all manufacturers focus on quality as much as others, this means, that the equipment that they produce will last a shorter period of time and will likely have more issues. If the motor is constantly on the fritz, chances are, an upgraded motor is in order.

Stuck Half-Way

If the awning is stuck open half-way, there could be an issue with the limit control setting. The limit control setting tells the motor when to stop moving the awning. When it goes bad or needs adjusted, the awning will not open and close fully. You can adjust the setting by opening the awning manually, adjust the setting, by turning the small dial on the side of the motor, and test the awning once more. This should fix the issue.

Talk with your local awning service, like Lockhart Gene & Son Canvas Awnings, for further assistance in getting your awning operating as it was meant to. Hopefully, the tips above will have helped you fix the problem, but if not, your local professional is there to help you get it done.