3 Reasons To Display Fresh Flowers In Your Lobby

Posted on: 16 May 2018

The aesthetic of the environment in your company's lobby can influence the opinion of employees and customers. While the right paint color and comfortable furnishings are important, you shouldn't overlook the benefits of having fresh flowers on display in your lobby at all times.

Fresh flowers can add to the beauty of your lobby and contribute some significant benefits that will improve the mentality of those who spend time in your office in the future.

1. Fresh flowers can help cleanse the air.

Plant life plays a significant role in the cleansing of the air you breathe. Plants take in carbon dioxide and transform this gas into oxygen. This oxygen is then released back into the air.

Higher oxygen levels in your lobby created by the presence of fresh flowers can help employees and customers feel more relaxed and comfortable. Toxins and other contaminants are stripped from the air by fresh flowers, and a pleasant scent is released by the flowers to help enhance the comfort of your lobby space.

2. Fresh flowers add color.

Exposure to color can have an effect on an individual's mood. You can take advantage of color psychology by using fresh flowers to help promote the right ambiance within your lobby.

Flowers come in a variety of colorful blooms. You can select lavender or blue flowers to promote feelings of tranquility and peace. You can select a floral arrangements with a lot of greenery to help promote creativity. Flowers with red or pink tones can exude feelings of power and prestige.

Introducing color into your lobby with fresh flowers allows you to better control the ambiance in your office without making permanent changes to your decor.

3. Fresh flowers add interest to a room.

A cohesive interior design features many different materials and textures. Making the choice to display fresh flower arrangements in your lobby allows you to introduce a unique and interesting element into the space.

Flowers have a variety of shapes and textures. Customers can enjoy the visual appeal of a beautiful flower arrangement while waiting for a meeting or conference, helping the time pass more quickly. By adding interest to your lobby with fresh flowers, you can enhance the waiting experience of anyone who spends time within your company's lobby in the future.

Investing in fresh floral arrangements is a great way to add character and charm to your company's lobby. Make arrangements to have fresh flowers delivered on a daily basis to enjoy the benefits these blooms can provide. To learn more about daily floral delivery service, contact a company like White House Design Studio.