Why a Pergola Is a Perfect Addition Next To a Swimming Pool

Posted on: 25 March 2018

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you're likely constantly looking to improve the space around it. You probably imagine tackling projects such as a patio around the pool or the building of a pool house in which your guests can get changed before and after swimming. One addition that should be on your to-do list is a pergola. This simple structure is something you can build directly above the patio that sits next to the pool. Here are some reasons that a pergola is the perfect addition next to a pool.

Ideal for Watchful Parents

When your children are swimming in the pool, you want to either be in the water with them or be very nearby. However, the idea of sitting on the pool deck on a hot, sunny day might not be overly enticing past a certain point. One of the big draws of a pergola is that it provides shade. This means that you can sit just a few yards away from where your children are playing but not risk getting burned by the sun. Additionally, when your children perhaps need a bit of a break from the sun, they can join you under the pergola.

Suitable for Water Sports

Various sports can be really fun to play in your backyard swimming pool. Water basketball is a popular choice for many families, but to get a truly good game going, you'll need to hang a hoop somewhere. If your pergola is set right at the edge of the water, its support beams can be a perfect place to mount a hoop. This way, the players don't have to contend with a pole placed awkwardly at the edge of the pool, and the ball should still fall back toward the water after each basket.

Improvement of the Yard's Appearance

A yard with a swimming pool can certainly look appealing, but it can also look a little bland. Even if you add a pool deck around the perimeter of the pool, without any built-up elements, the yard may lack visual appeal. Building a pergola will instantly transform the look of your yard and improve its overall appearance. Its height can create visual appeal, and the manner in which you adorn the pergola — perhaps with hanging lanterns that hold candles or something similar — can help to make your backyard the go-to spot in the neighborhood for parties.

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