Picking The Right Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 26 August 2017

Granite is a premium material for kitchen countertops. The naturally beautiful stone offers a wide variety of coloration and patterning, meaning you can surely find a slab that appeals to you. However, there are so many options, choosing granite countertops can feel daunting.

Start with a Color Scheme

One of the best ways to get cohesive design in your kitchen is by starting with a color scheme. When it comes to matching your granite, you can approach this one of two ways. You can start out with a set scheme, or you can use the granite as inspiration for your palette.

The latter is probably the easier option. Visit a showroom, and allow yourself to fall in love with a granite slab. Most likely the palette is part of what makes it so attractive to you. To use it as inspiration for a color scheme, choose one of the neutral hues as a base color for large areas such as walls and cabinetry. Pick one or two hues from the slab for accent colors.

Consider Complementary Slabs

Speaking of accenting, there's nothing to say you can't use two granites for your kitchen countertops. This is especially attractive if you have a kitchen island — you can use a second granite for its surface. The way to ensure cohesion is to make the contrast deliberate. For example, if you've chosen a golden beige for the main countertops, choose a slab with shades of pink or purple for the island — purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel.

If you want a more soothing effect, use a color from the patterned granite for a solid-colored island. So, if your main slab is golden-beige with brown and white speckling, you could choose a solid golden-beige, brown, or white slab for the island.

Choose a Finish

There are three finish options for granite countertops. According to Home and Garden TV, the most popular finish is polished. This offers a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light. Honed granite has been smoothed but not polished, presenting a softer profile. With leathered granite, fabricators brush the surface with diamond-tipped brushes to create a textured surface. Polished is the easiest to clean, but honed and leathered surfaces hide streaks and imperfections.

Look into Edging Styles

Contractors can further customize your countertops with how they finish the edges. The simplest edges are eased and beveled, which offer a slight curvature to the profile. These work well in any style of kitchen. If you have a traditional or historical kitchen, you might consider one of the more elaborate edges, such as bullnose, ogee, or waterfall. Conversely, for an industrial kitchen, an exposed aggregate edge is very attractive.

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