Creative Ways To Use Vinyl Lettering Around The Home

Posted on: 1 August 2017

Adding a personal touch to your home decor allows you to create a stylish living space that reflects your design aesthetic and personality. Sheets of vinyl can be cut into letters, allowing you to easily create items that have a customized appearance.

Here are three creative ways that you can use vinyl lettering around your home in the future.

1. Make personalized holiday ornaments.

Many homeowners enjoy decorating their homes for the holidays. You can easily give your tree a modern and personalized appearance by opting to create your own ornaments using vinyl lettering.

All you have to do is determine what you want your ornaments to say (holiday sentiments and family surnames are popular options), then utilize a craft cutting machine to cut lettering out of colored vinyl sheets. Purchase some clear or frosted glass ornaments from your local craft store, then peel the letters off the vinyl sheet's backing and stick them onto the glass globes. Add festive ribbons as hangers, and place your customized ornaments on your holiday tree.

2. Create commemorative wall art.

There are many moments in a family's life that should be remembered. Some of the most important of these moments can include wedding dates and the birth dates of children. You can easily use vinyl lettering to create wall art pieces commemorating the special moments in your family's life.

Simply determine which memories you want to showcase by finding photographs that reflect these memories. Have the photographs turned into canvases, then hang them on the wall. Use vinyl sheets to create an adhesive label that includes a name and date for each photo. The addition of the vinyl lettering will allow your wall art to commemorate special events and serve as talking points for house guests.

3. Use vinyl lettering to etch glass doors.

If you like the natural light that streams through the glass doors in your home but you want to add a little more privacy, then vinyl lettering could provide a great solution.

Create large vinyl letters spelling out a word that applies to the living space a glass door is servicing (like "laundry" or "bath"). Place the vinyl letters on the glass pane, and firmly press the edges of each letter to create a complete seal. Spread some etching cream across the exposed glass surfaces, and allow the cream to process according to the manufacturer's directions.

Once the processing period has ended, wipe off the etching cream and remove the vinyl letters to reveal your chosen word written clearly in the frosted glass.

Try giving your home a more personal and creative feel by using vinyl lettering to generate unique decorative items for your home.