Wet And Wild--4 Ways To Incorporate Water Into Your Landscape Design

Posted on: 26 July 2017

Adding a water feature to your landscape design is one of the best ways to take it to the next level. Water is soothing to most people, and it can engage your guests' senses in a way that other features can't. 

So, how can you incorporate water in your plans? Here are 4 great options for any yard.

Water Fountains

Fountains are probably the easiest way to bring bubbling water into the yard. Statue water fountains  can work in almost any style of landscape, from the most formal garden design to a natural and rustic look. Water fountains provide a great focal point along pathways, as part of an entertainment space, or even placed at the center of a large, geometrical lawn. Their bubbling sound can also help mask outside noise pollution. 


Building a backyard pond gives you a more natural look than many other water features, so it goes best with an informal yard design. Size is very flexible, so you can go large or small depending on how much you have to work with. Be sure to understand the electricity and piping needs of your pond before deciding on a location, since you may be limited by practicality. Add a touch of real life to the pond by raising koi fish once everything is established. You may even want to include a small statue water fountain to help circulate the pond water. 


A faux stream may be a somewhat complicated water feature, and it's probably the largest. Set out a random, gently undulating path through a section of the yard (garden hoses laid out are great for finding a good design), making sure that there's a gentle slope to help gravity keep the water flowing. You can generally circulate the water at the bottom end of the stream back into the upper section using a pump system. 


Who doesn't love a beautiful waterfall? And if a portion of your yard is very sloped, you already have an ideal base for building your own. Although waterfalls operate in a similar way to faux streams--using gravity and recirculating water via pumps--they offer better action because the slope is much steeper. Plan a drop of at least ten inches for the full waterfall effect, which you can achieve with natural rocks, landscape boulders, or faux grotto rocks. 

No matter which of these water features would work best in your landscape design, it will surely become a favorite part of your yard. Both you and your guests can enjoy the relaxing addition for years to come.