Tips To Help You Wash And Dry Your Home's Windows

Posted on: 18 July 2017

The condition and cleanliness of your home's windows can have a big effect on your home's exterior condition and also the interior view from its windows. Cleaning your home's windows can brighten your view of the outdoors and should be completed throughout the year. Here are some tips to help you wash and clean your home's windows.

Wash to Remove Dirt

The first step you will need to complete on your windows is to wash off any build-up of dirt and grime left behind from wind and rain storms. Mix up a bucket of warm water and a squirt or two of liquid dish soap. Soak a large sponge, a wash cloth or towel in the soapy mixture and wipe it over the entire window. Be sure to rub into any corners and edges of your windows to dislodge all build-up. If you have a squeegee, you can wrap a towel around the head of the squeegee and dip it into the bucket of the soapy mixture, then rub it back and forth across the window to dislodge any dirt and debris.

Wipe the Window Dry

Now you can use your squeegee to dry the window of its soapy cleaning solution. Use the squeegee to wipe across the window, going from left to right and starting at the top of the window. After each pass across the window, use a cloth to remove the picked-up soapy residue from the squeegee so it is once again clean to repeat the process on the window's next pass.

Repeat this process until you have wiped clean the entire window. Use a chamois that has been moistened and squeezed-free of excess water to wipe up any soap and water along the edges and corners of the windows.

Remove Hard Water Stains

Once you have removed the build-up of dirt, you will be able to see if your window glass has any hard water stains or deposits of minerals left behind after the water has dried. Use a mixture of half water and vinegar to spray onto the window stains. Wipe this clean to remove the hard water stains.

If your water stains are more severe, you can use a good bathroom cleaner and some steel wool. Spray the bathroom cleaner onto your stained windows, allowing it to sit for a minute, then use the steel wool to rub and dislodge the deposits.

After you have removed any hard water deposits, use the bucket of cleaning solution to repeat the cleaning process to remove the bathroom cleaner, and follow it up with drying with a squeegee and chamois. If this amount of work seems daunting to you, you could also contact a window cleaning company, such as Bravo Cleaning & Restoration, and have them do the work for you.