Three Ways To Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

Posted on: 18 July 2017

When you choose the right blinds to go on your windows, you choose the ones that will provide the amount of light you need while enhancing the appearance of your room. Unfortunately, no matter which blinds you choose to purchase, over time they will build up dust, dirt, and grime. While vertical aluminum or vinyl blinds can be taken down and submerged in a tub of soapy water to get them clean, this is not an option for fabric vertical blinds. Here are a few tips that will help you clean them. Although it can be time-consuming, it is easier than you think:

Vacuum Them

The easiest way to get dust and air borne allergens off of your blinds is to simply vacuum them. While using one hand to support each individual panel, use your upholstery attachment to vacuum from the top to the bottom. Don't forget to remove the dust from along the tops of your blinds.

Brush Them

Brush any pet hair, lint, or hard to remove dust off of your blinds with a soft brush or a lint removal brush you would use on clothing. This will help to remove the hair or lint without causing damage to your blinds.

Spot Clean Them

If you have dirt, grime, spots, or stains on your blinds that have accumulated over time, spot clean them using a white cotton towel and a small dot of spot removal treatment. Avoid saturating them with water or cleaning solution, as this could make your spots worse and create additional stains.

Try removing difficult stains on light colored blinds, with a mixture of one part bleach and four parts water. If your blinds are dark colored, increase your ratio to one part bleach to ten parts water. Apply this mixture your to spot using a small sponge and then use a dry sponge or cloth to blot the wet spot as dry as you can. Use the cool setting on your blow dryer to continue to dry the spot. As with any fabric, always ensure that you test a concealed spot prior to applying to your blind.

Just remember, the beauty of many types of vertical fabric blinds is that you are able to replace a single slat if it becomes stained beyond repair. If you have a slat that will not come clean, contact the manufacturer of your blinds to see if this is an option that you have. With the proper treatment, your vertical fabric window blinds will not only remain fresh and clean but will last you for many years to come.

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