3 Pest Control Tips For Apartment Complex Owners

Posted on: 11 July 2017

As the owner of an apartment complex, it is probably important to you to make sure that the complex stays clean, sanitary, and pest-free. It can be tough to prevent pests in an apartment in which a lot of different people live, but taking these steps as a landlord can help.

1. Make Disposal of Garbage Easy

If your tenants leave trash lying around, there can be an increased chance of pest control issues. Even though it might be your tenants' responsibility to get rid of their own garbage, it might be tough for those who are busy or who don't have their own transportation. Providing large dumpsters that your tenants can use can make your units more appealing for potential tenants who might be concerned about getting rid of their own garbage, and it can help you ensure that garbage is disposed of properly, which can greatly help with preventing pests. Just make sure that the dumpsters are a reasonable distance away from the apartments and that the area is kept clean for best results.

2. Require Tenants to Keep Units Clean

Even though pests can be an issue in even the cleanest of homes, keeping units clean can help prevent pests in many cases. Put a clause in your lease that requires your tenants to keep their units clean, and make sure that you check on your property regularly to encourage tenants to keep up with regular cleaning and to catch any cleanliness issues before they get out of control.

3. Work With a Pest Control Company

As a landlord who is serious about preventing pests from being an issue, it's important to work with a pest control company rather than trying do-it-yourself pest control. Having a pest control company come out and spray regularly, such as once a month, can help prevent pests from being a problem in the first place. When tenants move out of a unit or complain about pests in their apartment, consider working with a pest control company to aggressively treat the unit to get rid of any pests and to prevent pests from spreading to other units and causing an even bigger issue.

As someone who owns and manages your own apartment complex, you probably want to do your best to prevent pest control problems as much as possible. Fortunately, following these three tips and any recommendations from your pest control provider can help you minimize